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Specialists in supplying roof tents, roof racks, ground tents, awnings, fridges and accessories for the outdoor enthusiast. Catering for all makes of vehicles including 4x4's, vans, estate cars and mpv's such as Land Rovers, doublecab pick-ups, Toyota, Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrols and any more.

What we at Nene Overland have done with rooftent.co.uk, is put together a number of high quality outdoor products that complement each other. This equipment offers the customer a wide choice of well proven products that are affordable, allowing singular use or integrated combinations of roof rack, roof tent, awning, ground access and expedition fridge, to accommodate the largest family - on tour, anywhere!

Enjoy our site taking in Hannibal Safari Equipment.

Designed and built in South Africa, offering aluminium expedition roof rack systems, roof tents and awnings.

Maggiolina's Autohome range of roof tents,

built in Europe since 1958 to suit differing weather conditions and ideal for all types of vehicles.

OZ Tent – quick erecting ground tents and annexes, developed for Australian conditions.

This product is unique in it's design, only requiring 30 seconds for erection. It is free standing from the vehicle or trailer, creating ground living extensions and covered awnings that can be left at camp.

National Luna expedition spec. fridge/freezers.

Built in South Africa, these fridges have the lowest electrical current draw/usage on the market of all travel fridges and to enable you to freeze at lower temperatures for longer than any other freezer. National Luna fridges are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy usage offering excellent quality and long term reliability.

Finally, let the team at Nene Overland advise you. With our wealth of life long experiences in travel, off road and overland vehicle maintenance and preparation, we are well equipped to assist you in obtaining the correct equipment and advice for your outdoor pursuits whether it be a weekend camping trip or worldwide expedition.



Our range of Rooft Racks, Roof Tents and accessories are now available to buy online at www.4x4lifestyleshop.com

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